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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
I told my friends that I sternly believe that Smith can win a SB and I still stand by it.

Alex Smith has my support.
The 49ers certainly capable of winning a Super Bowl with Smith as quarterback. I don't think anyone is claiming otherwise. But having a chance to win a Super Bowl doesn't mean that they shouldn't look to improve that chance. I have always supported Alex Smith from Day 1. I was one of about 3 people that believed in him prior to 2011. It's rather ironic that the same cluster of writers and TV heads that couldn't find enough derogatory things to say about Smith, who were questioning Harbaugh about Smith's confidence as recently as Week 7, are now lining up to criticize him about benching his "Pro-Bowl caliber" QB.

Smith has been very good, at times great, this season. That said, I cannot formulate even one argument for the 49ers being a better team with him starting than they are with Kaepernick. If Kaepernick begins to struggle, then we can talk. If that were to happen, Harbaugh would have no hesitation about going back to Smith. Spare me the crap about Smith's psyche and/or confidence being so shaken by this situation that, if asked to, he could not come back and be the effective QB that he has been. Alex Smith is not some emotionally fragile rookie that will crawl into a hole and cry when presented with a little adversity. All these people jabbering about loyalty need to remember that after years of being crapped on by his (ironically) crappy head coaches, Smith is not going to fall apart because Harbaugh, his biggest supporter and most tireless defender for the last 1.5 years, decides to give Kaepernick a chance. He didn't fall apart when the 49ers basically ignored him all summer because they were in the midst of a very serious flirtation with a 4-time NFL MVP quarterback. He won't now. Kaepernick hasn't done anything to make anyone believe that he can't do what Smith can. And he certainly can do everything that Smith cannot. The ability to throw the ball downfield and avoid sacks might be the two most important traits in a QB. Kaepernick has them, Smith does not. There is no reason to go back to Smith until Kaepernick gives them a reason. Smith gave them a reason to switch to Kaepernick, and as unfair a reason as a concussion is, it is still a reason.

Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post
Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for...Trent Dilfer was a game manager who won a Super Bowl...they replace him with Elvis Grbac who was a more capable QB but decidedly not a game manager, and it didn't quite work out so well.
That is a horrible analogy. The only reason that Dilfer was given a chance was because the Ravens' offense was literally unable to score for about a month with Tony Banks at the helm. Dilfer took over and was utterly Banks-like except for a three-game stretch from Weeks 10-12. Dilfer won a Super Bowl, but don't let that think that it had something to do with him. The "improvement" of the offense had more to do with Jamal Lewis having a brilliant second half of his rookie season than anything else. You could have put that very same Elvis Grbac on the 2000 Ravens, and they would have won the Super Bowl. After the season, the Ravens rightfully and accurately identified that Dilfer was not a realistic option as a starter in the NFL. They recognized that the 2000 defense was probably the greatest defense in NFL history, and they understood that it was unlikely that any defense could duplicate that performance two years in a row. And with anything other than the greatest defense in NFL history to support him, Trent Dilfer was not going to be a legitimate option. They went with Grbac because he at least had the ability to make a serious impact and could put up points. Unfortunately, he did make a serious impact and put up points, but it was just as likely to be for the other team as the Ravens. Still, let's not pretend that bringing back Dilfer would have changed anything about the 2001 Ravens.

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