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11-28-2012, 12:05 AM
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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
Fits in fine if wingers aren't making huge bucks. Don't forget until they move Bozak Grabo will never be the #6 forward in our top 6.

Grabo got his contract because he not only earned a decent deal but he would have got close to that somewhere as a UFA. IS he highly paid? ya. Overpaid? NOt really.

Now if you got wingers on 2nd deals or ELC's then there is no reason why Grabo couldn't be the 3rd best player on the lline and yet still be the highest paid player on the line.

Could be as simple as Frattin/Kulemin and JVR going crazy together next season.

Lupul earned less than Grabo last year, and if the season is gone, he won't have enough leverage to demand much, if any, more than Grabo is getting now on his next contract.

I have no issue with the cap space right now.

Maybe 3 years down the road it will be come an issue. We will see.
Short term, we have no cap issues, I agree. That's mostly due to Burke's great cap management. The really tricky part is just starting, though, when we won't be able to throw money away on stop gaps, and we'll have to start offering longer terms to draw in some FAs. Management has to start deciding who the keepers are, and who should be let go.

JVR is the best hope to emerge as a "bargain" winger for Grabo, if the two of them can develop some chemistry. I really have my fingers crossed for this. Having JVR locked up for the next 6 seasons at a reasonable contract could make the 2nd line formidable for the foreseeable future.

Other than JVR, any other ELC or bargain contract wingers outperforming Grabo will likely be a temporary scenarios, as breakout seasons generally result in significant raises. It's not just sustainable to have wingers outperform their $5.5M center, and make considerably less. Burke's trying to build a contender, not a one hit wonder.

The Lupul trade was a big gamble that paid off huge. There's nothing to say Burke can't pull or more of these type of trades or signings, but there's a decent chance that these high risk moves backfire.

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