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11-28-2012, 12:30 AM
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Originally Posted by charliolemieux View Post
As I said earlier there is a history of not only a top line but the BEST line in the NHL having a sub-par Center.

So in that light I think Grabo could somewhat provide what a Morrison or Rucchin would be expected to bring. I think the extra goals he would give up would be ballanced by the added offence, (Just going by him having more pure offensive talent and being put in thesame position.).

Then again is Kessel-Lupul equal to Selanne-Kariya or Bertuzzi-Naslund?

I don't think so but the way they were scoring it sure brought back memories.

SImply put: If the linemates were good enough Grabo could be a decent #1 center in the NHL. Along the lines of Morrison and Rucchin, but with a bit more offense and a bit less defense..
Playing on the first or second line doesn't make one #1C or #2C, IMO. Morrison and Rucchin were essentially tweeners who were along the ride with great wingers. It shows the value of being able to develop chemistry with your wingers, and players who are able to adapt to their linemates have a better chance to be successful, in spite of their natural skillsets. I do not believe adaptability is one of Grabo's strengths.

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