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11-28-2012, 12:55 AM
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For one, they signed up accepting the same risks everyone else did. Second, why give them any slack? Are you looking to loose? Believe me, yes you need to watch for other guys one their team because of the "defensive attitude" when you get rough around the girls, but at the same time they have no issue slashing and hacking at you for the puck, do they?

Only two times have I ever stepped up for a girl on our team when I was goaltending, and it was due to crosschecks to the back while she was a few feet from the boards.

Other than that, they're fair game. Heck, I was almost injured by this larger lady when playing as a forward, she pretty much crushed me into the boards while I was turning. Then she slashed the stick right out of my hands... I've played with some gritty players, but I find females can be some of the worst.

It's kind of funny too Jarick, I find some ladies really take any actions such as beating them for the puck along the boards, or popping up their sticks for a take away very offensive, then they freak out... haha! But don't take this as a sexist thing either, I've played with guys that complain more than females!

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