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11-28-2012, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by ktf View Post
Okay! Just home from the Royals games... thought I would share my observations. Firstly, as a Royals was quite easy to become a Moose Jaw fan for Rielly.
-Moose Jaw is really bad... they came back to win this game, but the first two periods they had 0 serious scoring chances. The Royals really let them off the hook to be honest.
-In relation to that point, I found he looked frustrated at times and often bored. I really noticed this after my sister (who had no awareness of who he was and is a canucks fan) remarked how much better he was then everyone and his team sucked.
-His skating is fantastic, but he takes chances that at an NHL level he might not recover from. He also really needs to work on closing attacking forwards down. I noticed it during the super series(which I partly attributed to Russian skill), but tonight he had the same issue. He would often let opposing forwards into a scoring area before closing the gap.
-The third Victoria goal was a primary example of his risk taking. He was sneaking down a bit on the weak side and he was too far over. There was a turnover on the wall of the strong side and the puck was chipped down the middle for a Royals breakaway. If Rielly was in position this goal is prevented. His speed made it interesting though.
-The game tying goal was just beautiful. He caught the clearing attempt at the blueline, put it down cut down the middle of the ice. Rather then force a shot he slide a perfect crisp 5 foot pass to a player in an even better spot. Bam tie game.
-Unrelated remark. Joel Edmundson is a tool. If you coach a hockey team and want to teach a lesson, he should have been planted to the bench. St. Louis can have him.
-Travis Brown isn't anything special, benefits a lot from Rielly.
-Back to Morgan! Dictates the pace of the play. His teammates really are just not up to his level. I cannot wait (fingers crossed) to see him at the world juniors and perhaps in the memorial cup following a trade to a contender.
-Crisp passer
-his shot needs work. It is very light. Reminds me of Jake Gardiner last year. He finds ways to get it off and through, but it is often just too soft. The key fact though... he gets it through.
Enjoyed the game tonight! Loved the large amount of leafs fans in attendance.
I had no problem with this play personally and really don't think it's fair to pin any of it on Rielly.

Down by 1 late and their pushing for a goal in the offensive end. I wouldn't even say Rielly was pinching down, he simply didn't evacuate the zone when the puck came back to the line - and so he shouldn't have. Looked to me like his partner had a relatively easy play but whiffed it which lead to the breakaway...nothing Rielly can do there.

If they tables were turned and they were up by 1 goal late, I'm sure Rielly would've back peddled out of the zone as it came back to the line just to be safe, but in my opinion, there was no reason for him to do so on this particular play.

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