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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
I don't think you've seen Ezhov's recent form. He's become a solid goalie who is still developing and can compete with Babrovsky ( so NOT! way worse an NHL level goalie- not that means much when comparing to KHL level goalies). Yeremenko was the goalie of last year's KHL playoffs and played great in clutch times from puck drop of the first game until he lifted the cup. I'm guessing you missed that as well. BTW, he was run out by the horrible defense in Salavat (Bykov- that's where the doubts started for his future with the club and the way they won games) more so than Ersberg. The knock against him is his age and future potential, but his game is good.

Mentioning Makarov as a promising talent is a fair statement. Nowhere did I say that he was a sure fire future star, very few goalies are. But he is right there with Vasilevski in terms of performance.

Rinne is not exactly helping out the team either, from the games I watched he was still adjusting. But to say that there is some NHL level goaltending that is SO MUCH Higher, is a biased statement.
Rinne is helping his team. Put any goalie in his place, he will not have great numbers.

Yeremenko played good for Dynamo? Has there been a bad goalie for Znarok's team? He had Garnett, who was goalie of 2010 PO. Now, same strory with Yeremenko.
He is what he is, an average goalie, who can play decent on a defensivly sound team. On a team with bad defense he's not even decent. Ersberg or Rinne for example are.

And Yezhov. You know there are tons of goalies out there who have decent stats and play rather good for a team that is doing rather well? Should we say that all this guys like Salak, Wesslau, Engren, Ortio, Stana, Ahonen are NHL level? Yezhov isn't even up there with those guys, he's a clear back up Would Metallurg trade Ahonen for him for example? Laughabale, and Ahonen is dime a dozen player in Finland.

I expected you would mention Barulin.)))

And Makarov, do you really think that he's something special compared to all his canadian collegues in CHL?
Goalie prospects are hard to predict. Usually I say, wait until he starts playing in a big league.

P.S. I don't even think the situation with goalies in Russia is bad. Russia indeed has Varlamov, Bryzgalov, Bobrovsky, Barulin, Nabokov. But while this group isn't hopeless it's definately far from best in the World.

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