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About Yourself
Name: Brian
Age: 26
Location: Columbus, OH.
Origin of Screen Name: name backwards

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 14
Current Team: Stacked Like Flapjacks
Current League: CAHL C East (2nd highest league in Columbus out of like 12.. the letters are just funny)
Highest Level Played: high school
Current Level: beer league
Position: winger
Type of Player: two way playmaker
Player You Emulate: Ryan Kesler who doesn't have to take faceoffs normally and plays strong d while throwing some points up

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer 7500 black or something
Shoulders: some cheater winwell's
Elbows: bauer vapor x60's
Shins: bauer ?'s
Pants: warrior projekt girdle with Tackla shells
Gloves: bauer x60 pro's
Skates: bauer totalone nxg's (that I got for free when i had issues with my old total ones! jackpot!)
Stick: bauer vapor APX Toews p14 87

Hockey Team: Hawks
Hockey Player: Kesler

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