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11-28-2012, 01:41 AM
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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
Yeah I don't mean they can just start stick handling along the blue line

When the puck handler reaches the line he has to gain the zone. A quick deke or two is okay if they're able to effectively get past the dman, taking a few seconds to admire your moves is not.

For the other forwards even if you're a few feet in front you need to slow down or delay a second and watch for the puck carrier gain the zone. I mean if they can recognize that you're a few feet in front, think it's best to gain the zone at full speed and act accordingly, then great. But in beer league hockey it's not something you can ever count on, this is really an area where you need some coaching to step in and drill it into the players.

Now for frustrations I generally play with good guys now but I remember on my first beginners team there was this one guy with decent hands which became a liability because he'd always gain the zone then put blinders on and try to stick handle through the two dmen and any back checking forwards. Every. Single. Time. He'd make it through maybe once every few games
Yeah I have a guy like that on my team. Good player but **** is he frustrating when he tries to gain the line and go through 3-4 players.

I almost wish there was contact in our league as hed get demolished once and stop doing that.

Im certainly not a great player and I suck at skating but I have a good idea of where to put the puck even if I cant always get it there.

What Ive found is some player have good skating and puck handling skills and not a lot of positional sense.

These are the guys that tend to "run" with the puck and end up being successful 1 out of 4 times.

Not only do they tend to make too many moves at the line they also do it further back and slow the rush down which means the other forwards have to slow down and get off key.

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