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11-28-2012, 01:47 AM
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Good post by OP. Not a flawless proposal, but not bad either.

Originally Posted by Shrimper View Post
...Pittsburgh and Philadelphia need to be kept with Rangers, Devils and Islanders. That division shouldn't be touched without additions...
Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
...I don't like the Atlantic being split up...
Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
...The biggest flaw imo is that you just pulled Pittsburgh/Philadelphia away from rivals NY and NJ...
This a big reason is why we will never get a realignment that actually makes logistical sense. To much consideration is put into preserving rivalries.

I can respect wanting to keep rivalries intact, but it most certainly an obstacle when doing realignment.

Originally Posted by Wingsfan2965 View Post
And I think they did use some of that logic considering they (The NHL in their proposal) had Florida and Tampa in a conference with the financial powerhouses. (TML/BOS/MON)
There was very little logic used in that proposal.

It's not like normal home games only draw 10,000 people, but when one of those 3 teams come to town it's suddenly a sellout. Tampa averaged >96% attendance for home games last season. 1 more home game per team per season isn't going to make much difference.

I should mention that I didn't hate the proposed division, I just thought it was a little silly how they tried to claim it would help the Florida teams financially.

My take on realignment:
- The biggest issue when considering how to pair teams is weather or not they are in the same time zone. (not actual distance from one another).

- Currently, there are more than half the teams in the Eastern time zone. This creates a problem for a 2 conference league because no matter what, you are going to have teams in the "wrong" division based on their time zone OR you are going to have unbalanced conferences.

- Expanding to two more teams in the west would certainly make realignment a lot easier, but that might not make sense financially.

- Relocation/Contraction is not an option IMO. Realistically speaking, most teams are firmly planted where they are right now. The only team that might be relocated is in the West anyways.

Conclusion: Regardless of how you try to divided the current NHL into two conferences, it will never make complete sense. At this point, getting rid of the two conference system might make the most sense logistically. I have no comment as to how a new alignment would work, how playoff seeding would be determined, or what would happen to the Wales Trophy/Cambell Bowl though.*

*I really don't want to put that much thought into realignment, I just want to watch hockey

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