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Originally Posted by 4evaBlue View Post
I didn't say he was a tweener. I said that there are a lot of better options around the league for #2C I'd rather have, making Grabo an average (and overpaid) #2C in my eyes.

Chemistry is about linemates fulfilling roles to complement each other. If the line has no puck retriever, or net traffic, it's offensive production will suffer. If they don't have a sniper, but is made up of crash and bangers, or playmakers, their produciton will suffer. If a player is able to fill multiple roles to an extent, it gives them more flexibility of the type of players they may mesh with. This is the main reason Bozak can play well with no matter who's on his line.

If you're able to find Grabo the ideal linemates, and they get the great icetime, he could potentially produce 75 points. With more versatile players, though, finding those "ideal linemates" becomes easier, and it's more likely that the line will perform well. This is what makes the likes of Getzlaf, who has excellent vision, board presence, and can also crash the net if needed, so valuable.
I don't think there a LOT of better options around the league.
Grabo stacks up pretty good against most of them. There are a few who are definitly ahead but like a I said above, those players have All-stars in front of them.

Grabo definitly is a hard one to build aline around since he isn't easily put into a category.

Parise and Hemsky might the right type. Grabo would be the #2 set-up man, the #2 sniper, the #2 defensive awareness, the #3 puck controller on the line. HE wouldn't be the go to guy for anything.

Well ya. Getzlaf has more facets to his game. That is why he is a #1 without question, while the best Grabo can hope for is Kariya-Rucchin-Selanne type scenario if he were to play on the top line.

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