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11-28-2012, 03:28 AM
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Originally Posted by MS View Post
Schroeder ... I dunno, shows ability but there isn't exactly a huge place in the sport for a tiny center that has trouble generating offense. Suspect he might have a Wellwood-ish career as a 40-point stopgap #2 center. Better skater than Wellwood though.

I'm still unsure if Schroeder has trouble generating offense. His environment and playstyle have a lot to do with it. Perhaps when he is taken off the Wolves he will show better at the NHL level, much like Hodgson?

His utility comes down to his defense IMO. If he is ever used in Dzone situations in the NHL, as he has been in the AHL, then he becomes far more useful than a stop gap... The jury is still out on this guy. A 50~ point, PK capable C is a nice thing to have.

If we get one serviceable player out of the prospects past our top 4 forward guys and top 2 defenders, that would be a decent result. It thins out really badly after the top group. Hopefully one or two of the newer late picks distinguishes themselves over the next 18 months.

I agree, though I'm more optimistic about the D. Andersson has had a "good" transition to the AHL ice, Price has yet to arrive, as does McNally, same with McEneny and Polasek will show better (IMO) once back in the AHL, and finally Tommernes is top pair in the SEL. There's more to look forward to there.

But yes, the forwards improving beyond the top 4 depends largely on Labate and Mallet doing something, or Rodin figuring it out. Sweatt could make it as a grinder... Not the best crop for sure. That said, I'm hoping any Lu trade will help remedy that situation.

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