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11-28-2012, 03:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
The most reasoned and thoughtful response in this entire thread. Kudos, Sir! I can accept your argument and if Russia can manage a gold in Sochi, then I'll concede to them the number 1 spot for a while. But I look at their prospective team and I really don't see a team that's a whole lot different than the one that crashed and burned in 2010, other than a few new faces and a new starting goaltender. Home ice advantage is really going to have to be the determining factor as I see the Americans, Canadians and Swedes all ahead of the Russians at the moment. I've said this a thousand times already, it could very easily be a U.S. Sweden gold medal game in Sochi. In fact I see that scenario more likely than either Canada or Russia winning gold there. HC in this lockout is doing **** for our players, while only 8 players (prospective Olympic team players are currently playing in Europe.) And it's time for HC to get off its *** and do something now as it looks as though the chances of an NHL season being played is extremely remote. We could very well have a very disjointed and poorly organized team yet again just like the one that followed the previous lockout. HC, more specifically Canadian hockey players who like to blow off the World Championships every spring better get serious about it and get serious in a hurry, as it may be the only competition they get for a while.
I think the season starts in January, but that's just me. That said the Swedes, American, Canadians and Russians all look to have immensely talented squads going into Sochi and I'm pretty excited about the young talent coming from those countries as well as others.

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