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11-28-2012, 05:31 AM
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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
He has been paying attention...... we all have.

Not one poster here has ever proved Jamison does not have the funds lined up to purchase the franchise. Not one.......

Been lots and lots of conjecture... innuendo..... one liners and such. Even a couple of analyses and numbers thrown in for the fun of it but that's it.

So sure... it's easy to take the line that he doesn't have the funds because that's what you want to believe. Personally I don't know if he does or not. And at this point I remain cautiously optimistic about this saga coming to an end with the franchise remaining where it is.

You were correct in saying there are still hurdles to get over. I expect Ken Jones to be at the city clerk's office in the morning to begin the referendum process. Whether or not he has help this time around is yet to be known. But it wouldn't be a surprise to me if the Tea Party Patriots managed to drag themselves out from their headquarters at Denny's and lend a hand. GWI?? Doubt it.... ol' Ken's still fuming from their lack of help last time around. But ya never know.
Looks like I missed a bunch of the fun here.

TL, I can't say whether or not Jamison has the funds now, but I think that he has given folks plenty of reason for skepticism. He could have closed a deal with the COG a year ago, but couldn't find the money. Then he had a lease approved in June, and never closed the deal. Perhaps he was awaiting the results of the petition, etc., but he certainly didn't seem ready to slam the door on the deal.

I expect that he has the investors now, but there is just something about the guy that doesn't exude confidence on this.

For Coyotes fans, let me (once again) offer my good wishes. The COG has gone to the wall for you. Let's hope that Jamison and the NHL reward them with a stable franchise.

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