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11-28-2012, 07:11 AM
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If there is a referendum that the citizens request to be put on tha ballot, provided the petitions are correct then it puts a halt on the ordinance on going into effect and causing irrevocable harm before the citizens can vote. That vote wouldn't necessarily take 2 years when the next city election is, rather the new council can hold a special election earlier if they want to.

Take note that the Mayors comments, last night, explicitly stated that the motion passed and didn't have the # of votes to pass as an emergency measure.

Also with the vote going 4-2 had Mrs Alerez not attended (the phone counts) then the vote passes 4-1 and I believe that would have passed as an emergency (emergency = no possibility of referendum)

Originally Posted by OOEEL View Post
So to be a little more on subject.

Am I the only one who isn't celebrating at all after today?

We still have the specter of a referendum, and a somewhat tight window to deal with afterwards even if the signature gathering attempts fail.

Say Jones and whoever else he recruits this time around learns from their initial mistakes and actually files their forms correctly this time around, and due to better petitioning and more comfortable weather, they do get the 3,000+ signatures that'll be required.

I seem to remember reading about an emergency vote that would be held in Glendale for items that didn't make July's cutoff. If they collect their signatures how long will we have to wait for them to hold the election for the Arena Lease Agreement proposition? Cause Jamison couldn't continue on with buying the team if the Lease Agreement is held up awaiting a public vote, right?

That would definitely push us past January 31st and we'd have to what then? Have the new anti-Coyote council have a re-vote?

Is there any leg work Greg can do between now and December 27th to save him some time if the agreement goes into place? I'm not going into any of this "having to find investors" nonsense because if you think they're dragging all this out this far when all the inner-most parties know Greg doesn't have any money you're a buffoon, but I'm just worried there would be some red tape with the league between December 27th and January 31st and we're SOL after all this time/work/effort/emotion...

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