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11-28-2012, 07:50 AM
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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Isn't it pretty well known that cigarettes cause a multitude of health problems?

Just yesterday at work this lady that sits nearby comes in whining and crying that she went to the doctor over the weekend because of a sore throat and the doctor "had the nerve to say its because I smoke".

It was so hard not to laugh at her. She was seriously up in arms about how a doctor said it was linked to smoking. She apparently went so far as to tell him to leave and ask for another doctor. I mean, really? Seriously?
That's when you slip in and tell her all her ****** mood swings are due to various stages of drug withdrawal.

If you're a lifetime smoker, you can ABSOLUTELY see effects within a few hours, if not less.

Better yet, this one is my favorite. Ask her if she's always cold (she'll say yes, because she's a woman. Sorry, just a fact...), and then tell her it's because she smokes, and it's caused progressive - and likely permanent - constriction of her blood vessels, and it'll only get worse as she ages.

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