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11-28-2012, 08:47 AM
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One more trip down to Greensboro for Maryland, this time to fight ponying up 53M to leave the ACC. Which is going to cost them even more in lawyer fees.

By the way, I still contend Loh and Anderson are self serving idiots, and that moving to the Big 10 will not make Maryland Football profitable enough to warrant moving in the first place. Being greedy often comes at a cost, and those 2 clowns will be gone long before it ever becomes profitable. Book it.

Maybe 20% of the elite colleges run profitable athletic programs. I highly doubt all the big 10 teams are profitable, or than this is all Maryland needed to turn the corner.

Although I did tune in to watch our LB playing QB, I doubt Michigan fans will.

I wonder if our athletes travel times and expenses will be significantly higher in the Big 10.

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