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11-28-2012, 09:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Thomas L View Post
I agree the referendum is doubtful unless Jones gets help from the tax initiative people. The number of signatures is considerably higher due to the presidential election.

Will be interesting to see if GWI actually does anything.

CF: Even if the GWI did win a case on the gift clause, how would the agreement be affected?
Most likely, the plaintiff party (GWI or other) would seek injunctive relief during the next 30 days while the ordinance is dormant. (Because there was not sufficient support for the emergency clause, the ordinance allowing the city manager to execute the agreement cannot be signed until approx 12/27/12*). If injunction was granted, the city would be prohibited from signing the agreement until the verdict was entered (could be years). If it was found that the agreement was in violation of the Gift Clause, it would be void.

A referendum effort absent appropriate funding will likely fail again. A ballot drive with appropriate funding will likely succeed again. In a general sense, the timing is also slightly better for petition circulators, as the holidays will likely have more residents out and about compared to summer vacation season.

I'm most curious to see if any wildcards come into play. There is quite a bit of political capital on the table here waiting to be seized. An astutely advised new council member or mayor could gain wide recognition by attaching their name (and donor base) to a referendum effort. Nothing astute has ever happened in Glendale as far as I can tell though, so I'm not suggesting such an event will actually occur.

The next 30 days will be fun.

*Note: I don't think Glendale uses a "first reading, finally past" governance structure meaning this item is considered finally past based upon the vote last night. Some municipalities require a final passage 7 days later.

Fugu, I believe the BK docs indicated that Moyes requested $12MM per year; $6MM from Glendale and $6MM from Westgate merchants.

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