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11-28-2012, 09:43 AM
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I've thinking teams which would be best fit for Barkov. I don't say that it's the most likely scenario but benefits Barkov and his developement.

Detroit red wings

There is no question about this one. He fits perfectly for Detroit puck possession system. He is already polished defensively and has Datsyuk like patience and poise in the game. Datsyuk is one of his favourite players and he has alot of qualities from Datsyuk. Barkov speaks Russian as native language. Could step right away to play with Datsyuk.

Montreal Canadiens

Barkov has stated that he is huge fan of canadian hockey and excited about their hockey culture and fans. Habs has team that haven't had true #1 center in ages and they haven't won much lately. They have Galchenyuk who would most likely start his NHL career at the same time with Barkov. They both are partly russian so they already have similar backrounds. Galchenyuk is an center prospect yes but i could see him being Hossa like complete winger and he would get more to use his speed and get less defensive duties when Barkov who is more like classic centre takes care of them. They could play as duo quite soon and get along extremely well.

Barkov seems to be player who gets better when there is pressure in him. What would be better place than bell centre? Barkov has great desire to win. When they interviewed finnish WJC team players and coaches last year they what their goal is at the tournament. Every player and coach who was interviewed stated that medal would be excellent but 16 year old boy named Barkov stated that he wants to win gold and it is possible. He ended up scoring game winner in QF and assisting first goal in the SF(secondary assist but very very smart and creative one). Would he bring some winning desire in habs locker room?

But the pressure in montreal and timing is my reasons to be good team for Barkov.

St. Louis Blues

This isn't most likely scenario but there is many reasons why blues would be excellent team for Barkov.

First of all it is young team with every type of players and they have prospect named Tarasenko who could be very good scorer on his wing.

2nd big reason would be coach Hichcock who coached Jere Lehtinen and thinks that he is one of the best players that he ever coached. I think that he would have same kind of trust in Barkov aswell. When you think Barkov as a player without puck and his personality who would we get? Yes, it is centre version of Jere Lehtinen. Of course Barkov plays different game with the puck, plays centre and is obviously more gifted. But when Barkov plays without puck he reminds me
so much from Lehtinen. Lehtinen never was gritty but used the body to win clear majority of puck battles in the defensive zone, made mistakes very rarely, was very good at cutting passing and shooting lanes, blocking shots. I grew up as Lehtinen fan and he is my all time favourite player so i know what i'm talking about. They play very similar board game, flawless positional game with same attitude to cover shots with their body for the team at PK.

Of course there is alot of other teams which would be very good for Barkov like Leafs, Calgary, Edmonton but had not time to put up descriptions.

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