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11-28-2012, 10:05 AM
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I don't run into any in A leagues where I play harder but I have played against women in pick up and also coached and coached against girls in full contact high school hockey.
I have yet to find a woman/girl playing hockey who wouldn't be offended by a guy playing easier against them. If they wanted someone to go easy theu would play in women's leagues.

I learned my lesson one day playing pickup. I was coming across the ice from the boards at the blue line and across the center face off dot to catch a pass from the D. Just as I caught the pass at center ice at almost full speed there was a 5' tall woman coasting towards me. I tried to put the puck around her to the right and jump to the left to keep from steamrolling her. I didn't quite make it and we got all tangled up and both fell right in front of the benches with 15 guys sitting there watching us. First thing I hear and everyone on the bench heard was the girl say "are you ok?" Had that been a guy I would have run him over like a dump truck.

One girl I coached was the best player on my jv team as an 8th grader. She could have played varsity except kids can't play varsity until at least 9th grade. I was hoping to get her as a 9th grader but she got an opportunity to play on a U-18 team in Colorado and took that opportunity. She was 5 foot nothing and weighed 100 and nothing and hit anything that moved, any skill level and any size. The boys didn't take it easy on her and I saw her get crushed by guys that had 100+ pounds on her. She now plays at a private prep school in Canada and is on a great path towards the USA Women's National Team should she choose that in the future. No doubt in my mind that she is on that path because she played against boys who didn't take it easy on her.
Bottom line.........They don't want you to take it easy on them. They aren't taking it easy on you.

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