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11-28-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by sabrefan27 View Post
Spare me that crap, and spare me the insinuation that Amerks STH's from Rochester don't have every right to complain. If you can't see the difference between moving the Saturday game instead, you just don't want to hear Amerks fans complaining about something. This is a legitimate gripe.
Didn't say they didn't have a right to complain, did I?

I understand why people are mad about the Friday game getting moved. However, spare me the insinuation that it would be unicorns and rainbows if they chose to move the Saturday game instead. I fully understand the difference, but no matter what games they move, someone in Rochester wouldn't like it. Implying that this somehow means Pegula doesn't care about Rochester STHers is insane.

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