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11-28-2012, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by kanuck87 View Post
What was Kypreos' stance anyways?

MacLean brought some very good points to the table. The players are still making boatloads of money despite "losing" the last CBA negotiations. And no matter where they settle at this time around, the players will still be making boatloads of money.
Originally Posted by Canucker View Post
So because they'll still be making "boatloads" of money they should just sign any deal put before them? Why should they take less because the NHL screwed up so they can line the owners pockets even further? I understand they're going to have to take a hit with their percentage of revenues but the NHL has to give something back, and they've given nothing thus far.
The NHL doesn't want to acknowledge current contracts signed on the old CBA. That is the big problem.

They want players to roll over again, and have their negotiated salaries squeezed again.

Nobody disagrees that professional athletes make HUGE money, but the principal is...don't spend what you can't afford and honour the contracts you signed. That is all.

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