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11-28-2012, 11:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
EBEL has very little in common with Croatian hockey.
I dont understand this at all. You do realize Austria has 4 foreign teams in its league now and are looking to expand with two new teams both of which are not from Austria. The EBEL and Austria does not have strong enough teams within its country to just be a league made up of only Austrian teams. In fact, if you look at the time they allowed foreign countries to join then you could also see a huge rise in popularity from the league. It went from #14 in 2006, then allowing Hungry and Slov teams to join and going down to #11. Croatia joined and they became #9. And last year they were #7.

Sooner or later Medvescak will run out of the money and become bottom feeder
I apologize, but WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Where is any evidence they will lose money? In a huge recession, the team has done nothing but grow its popularity and profit in the last 10 years... The last 5 years their growth has been exponential.

They went from being an unheard about team to the #13 attendance in Europe. The first and only team that cracked Europes top 20.

That popularity will only grow after a successful event in Pula, currently being #1 in the EBEL and signing top players in the world like Dustin Jeffrey. Their relationship with their sponsors, investors and fans have done nothing but GROW. The KHL has come out and said they have higher interest in bringing the team to the KHL now as well. They have sold out every game they have played in their Dome (the 15,000 capacity arena) and have increased their playing time their annually.

EBEL and that will lead to lower interest and they gonna eventually be kicked out
I highly doubt the team will be kicked out since they are the most popular team in the league. Their sponsors have grown, signing with American Express and UNICEF. The only way they will leave the EBEL is when they find themself ready to move onto the KHL. They have said no the KHL for now, believing that the team must grow its core first before there thrown into a pit of higher competition. And they are 100% right. No need to jump onto a bandwagon that is the KHL until fully being comfortable with the current team roster.

I dont care where you live, your 100% about the current status of Medvescak hockey. You act as though the team has not done anything in years. You act as though the teams popularity as not grown immensely in the last 5 years, or the last 3 years.

The growth of the team continues and continues to inspire a better result from Croatia National team and other Croatian Hockey clubs. The Medvescak team has already inspired a new club to join the Croatia league. I know the Croatia league is a joke but any growth is a positive.

Answer to bold part 1

Medvescak has little in common with Croatian hockey, because Medvescak roster is made mostly of foreginers and players with Croatian roots but trained outside of Croatia. Second, their youth system is one big BS. Second, they don't have any attention to change it. I know that hockey player can't be produced in two or three years, that is one long and hard process, but Medvescak is already in it's 4th EBEL season and there are no signs that things are improving in that area.

Answer to bold part 2

I perfectly know what I am talking about, because I read all what media writes and I know few people who has close connections with Medvescak board. Salary are coming late and later every month. Andy Sertich, our D who is with Medvescak from it's first day in EBEL, already packed his bags and wanted to return to USA because he didn't recieve his salary for months. Team president Gojanovic paid to him from his own pocket just to stay with team. The public secret is that Medvescak next season will either play in KHL or will return to it's pre-EBEL amateur status, because there is not possible anymore to bring adequate amount of money for some good placement in EBEL.

Answer to bold part 3

What I wrote it in previous section is tightly connected with this. EBEL will say OK for season or two being heavily underdogs, but later one they will think twice whether will they keep foregin team that serves as machine for getting better goal advantage !?

National team ? In pre-EBEL time Croatia played in D1, now we are third in D2A ! Sapienti sat.

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