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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Canadian and vastly prefer the Canadian rules. Although there is no comparison between which league has the better players. I'd love to see NFL players playing the CFL rules.

I think more room to work with and less downs lead to more passing plays. Which I prefer to watching a team grind out 3-4yrs runs every play for a game. To me that gets boring and ends with very low scoring games.
I also like the combination of a 20 second play clock and clock stoppages after the 3min warning which allow for more dramatic last minute lead changes. I find in the NFL that if a team has a lead with 2 minutes left and the ball, both teams may as well walk off the field. There is less "garbage time" in the CFL.

No yards vs fair catch shouldn't even be a question. More football plays > less football plays.

Even the rouge I like. It adds an extra element of strategy since a team knows they can always get a single point with a kick into the endzone. That is something teams and coaches have to consider at all times.


Really? You prefer 3-4 yrd runs over 20yrd passing plays? To each there own I guess.

As for the goal posts, a bigger endzone reduces the safety issues. I think I can count on one hand how many times I have seen a player run into the padded goal post in my 30+ years of CFL watching. TDs count when the ball breaks the plane of the endzone, why should FGs count if a team kicks it through the back of the endzone?
I dunno, I feel that the game is changing and evolving to a throwing game for the NFL.

Just taking a sample from last year. The CFL had 1 qb over 5000 yrds, 2 qbs with over 4000 and 4 over 3000.

The NFL had 3 qbs over 5000 yrds, 7 qbs with over 4000 and 10 qbs over 3000 yrds.

Obviously the NFL has a larger sample base but based on these stats I would have to say that the NFL is on the level with the CFL for passing plays and that the grinding running game has slowed down over the past years for alot of the teams. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues in the NFL at the end of this season.


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