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11-28-2012, 12:02 PM
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Here is my thoughts of the game (team also) last night. While the Rangers came out of the gates strong and with jump, they didnt end that way. In the post game Alberga, Troy Smith and even Mike Farwell implied that the compete level was there. To me it was in the first two periods but was not in the third and definitely not in the last 5 minutes.

To me, when you are down 3-1 there should be a degree of desparation in the last few minutes of the game to put a push on and tie it up. It wasn't there last night, and to a degree it was quite the opposite. The Rangers looked like they had given up. Not the desire a fan wants to see when your team is suppose to be competitive this year. I understand it only one game and it was close but this is a team that you want to play hard against drop of puck till buzzer. It was apparent for the first goal and the end of the third that they became complacent.

Another thing I noticed was Tierney's 2 goals. While they were quality goals, I dont know if they happen if we had that shutdown D we all know we need. If someone would have tied him up in front, those goals may not have happened. I think someone mentioned Sefton before?

Good bounce back game against London for Gibson. A little disappointed he didn't come out for his star of the game, especially when London came out for theirs. Unless something was wrong with Gibby.

Something else that is needed is more of a physical presence. While London had pretty looking tape to tape passing, it may have been less had the intensity been there with the body checking. Keeping their heads up so to speak and not have time for the great passes they were making in our end. If its not on our roster, bring it in (Schoenmakers??)

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