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11-28-2012, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by jjricco8 View Post
15 games @ $51 per seats x 2 (reg $70 seats). I don't have money to burn but I have enough pay for the convenience of choosing my seat in a good section.

I'm suprised given how this board is so anti Wang/Snow, that when a fellow diehard is getting stiffed, I'm getting "well you should have known about the lockout."

Even though there is a lockout, teams should return the money if asked.

People buy playoff tickets for game 7's and when the series ends in 6, they get a refund. No difference. They don't get a credit. The games I paid for have been removed from the scheduled. They do not exist anymore. Wang is getting interst on all season ticket holders money. Give the money back, and when the league comes back, I might come back.

Everyone assumes this lockout will end at some point. But could it be next week, or 2 years?
Just because people are not happy with wang /snow does not mean they should just agree with you because there not happy with them.
Now i agree with both side of the argument seen here. the right thing should be to refund no questions asked. However if they have no legal reason to do so then they are not really doing anything wrong persay. Just because i am not happy with wang/snow does not mean i should just agree with you and your stance from them.

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