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Originally Posted by LSCII View Post
I heard Napoli wants 5 years, and Swisher and Ross want 4. So the answer to the last few years of overspending poorly on big name players is to overspend poorly on second tier guys instead? WTF is wrong with this management team? Go young. Let the youth develop.

The team sucked last year with Ross, so why is bringing him back for a longer term, at a higher dollar value a good idea? Factor in that NY can't wait to get rid of Swisher, and Napoli only hits decently in Fenway. I mean, who knows whether or not he can do that consistently if he comes here? If it's going to be a bridge year, the answer isn't to bring in cast offs and rehashes. Go young and let the guys you already have in your system get big league experience.

This is just another example of them not wanting to go all in on rebuilding, and delaying the process. If they want to try and stay competitive, then go out and buy every good free agent and go that route (even though it won't likely work). If you want to rebuild, really rebuild and stop wasting your time on retreads like Swisher, Ross, and Napoli.

TL;DR: The management is the problem here. You can't go halfway in either way. Just make a decision and commit to it fully.
The idea is to not burn a ton of the team's control by playing young guys who aren't ready. Guys like napoli and ross allow the prospects to get a little more seasoning on the minors and then be ready in a year or two when the team is set to compete. Ross and napoli become pricey bench players in year 3. The further you go the longer you are paying them to do so.

This is at least how i view it. That being the case, i stay away from swisher at the expense of a draft pick.

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