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11-28-2012, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Valid. Ha! That's rich.

Let me provide you with some answers that will probably meet your criteria for valid responses.

Alright, let me put on my preissingg hat and give this a whirl...

There is no vein to be tapped for hockey fans in the desert. Hockey is unnatural in any area without steady snowfall and frigid temperatures. Expanding the National Hockey League beyond Canada's border should only include a very select few American cities worthy of Canada's game. Cities like Buffalo, New York, Boston, Chicago(but only when they are winning), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh(but only when they are winning), DC(again, only good teams), Detroit, and Minneapolis. Expansion to places like San Jose, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Phoenix, Colorado, St. Louis, Ohio, Nashville, Atlanta, Florida, and Carolina is an endeavor bound to fail eventually, and completely.

There is absolutely no potential whatsoever in Phoenix or any other market in warmer states like California, Texas, Florida, etc.

Further the state of the US economy is now as it will always be and we shall never see a return to the climate that fostered much of this expansion to begin with. Places like Phoenix, which is still reeling from the housing collapse will never recover, may eventually bankrupt, and will more than likely be abandoned by their inhabitants and return to their natural, god given state of barren wasteland. As they should.

Good start so far?
You do know your post is going to be taken seriously, don't you? Just wait, you'll see.

Because you've just reposted the typical argument one segment of the population posts on a regular basis.

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