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Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
The argument that Canada has no interest in the WC's has been repeated ad nauseum, but the fact is, and we all know it - Canada has a sudden surge of interest in any hockey tournament that they win. Look at how the attendance overflowed in Quebec for the 2008 WC after Canada won in 2007. But after a spate of consecutive losses dating back to 2008, now Canada has the attitude "we want to take our ball and go home because its not fair that we didn't win." To hear that repeated over and over gets really tedious.
You're right that Canada becomes more interested in a tournament when it's won... but we are talking about a pretty small increase in attention and only really among the vast majority who hardly pay attention at all. I don't really see your point. The WC did not become much bigger in Canada after two consecutive golds in the early 2000s. As far as the attendence for 2008 goes, you put any quality tournament in a big Canadian city, particularly one with no NHL team, and the attendence will be huge. That's the way things are in Canada, and there is no reason at all to think that it was related to the 2007 tournament win. The fact is, this is not a tournament that people pay particular attention to in Canada regardless of whether or not the team wins. Appropriate or not, you are many times more likely to hear people talking about a big loss or win in the WJCs than about a big loss or win at the WCs. There is no issue about fairness at the WCs, the issue is that it makes little sense to compare nations based on a tournament that sees nations send teams of varying proportional strength.

Originally Posted by Yakushev72 View Post
Your argument appears to be that Canada didn't have ALL of their best players at these tournaments. Who did? Yours is not a valid excuse, because no nation ever has all of their best players at the WJC.
I'm sure quite a few nations had all of their best players available to them. Let's play a little game though. We will look at last year, and I will list the players that Canada was missing. You can list the players that were missing for Russia or for any other country you desire. Then we can compare.

Canada: Seguin, Skinner, Couturier, Johansen, Gudbranson, Nugent-Hopkins.

Canada was missing the top defenceman and essentially the whole top 6. I am anxiously awaiting the list of countries that were similarly disadvantaged.

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