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11-28-2012, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
Comcast is worth 70 billion dollars. Why do they deserve more money from the players in addition to restricting the rights for players to choose where they make a living until later in their career?

This isn't, "the league is losing money and the players need to help out". This is "some teams are losing money but the league on a whole is raking in cash and wants the players to foot the bill for the languishing franchises that inept NHL management created."

The anti-player sentiment is bizarre.
I agree. Any way you slice it, everyone is overpaid in sports/entertainment...but I would rather see more players make millions rather than a handful of owners add to their billions. Not saying that the owners shouldn't make more than they were in the previous CBA, but they shouldn't be crying poverty and trying to shred the PA to get there.

Originally Posted by Barney Gumble View Post
You mean paying a goalie with just over 100 NHL games under his belt, who's a backup making over a million dollars, isn't fair?
I know huh? Who's looking out for poor Neuvirth? He's alone on an island.

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