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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
Also interesting point by LT about our current D prospect. He compared the Klefbom, Marincin, Gernat situation to the Jeff Petry, Taylor Chorney and Cody Wild situation back in the day. Saying if one turns into a top 4 itll be a success.

Do you guys think our current prospects have more merit then those previous 3 had at the same age?
I disagree, IMO we need 2 of those players to turn into top 4 guys and IMO there's a very good chance of that.

From what I have see of these guys at similar points in their careers (I haven't seen enough of Gernat to feel comfortable lumping him in)

Klefbom is the strongest defensively of the bunch and probably the best skater as well.

Marincin is the most creative offensively and also the biggest.

Petry IMO was probably a better skater than Marincin and more steady at the same age, however he used to get beaten laterally too much.

Chorney was a very good skater and passer, unlike a guy like Schultz he pinched at the wrong times, was the smallest of the group, and had the worst shot of the first 4 players.

Wild wasn't as good of a skater as Chorney, was a little bit bigger, didn't have much of a shot either but IMO had better timing jumping in on offense than Chorney did.

If I had to rank them in terms of who I thought were the best prospects at the time I would rank them like this in terms of likelihood of being NHL players:


Now while I would've been wrong on the order of 4 and 5 neither guy reached their potential and Chorney's poor pinches on D were always a big concern for me. Marincin's brain farts are the only real concern that I have for him right now and hopefully he kicks them as he gets more used to the pro game. Because IMO Petry was more steady (albeit in the NCAA) I would've ranked his chances to be in the NHL as better at the same points in their careers although IMO Marincin has a higher offensive ceiling.

Originally Posted by 40oz View Post
Probably not too much, but to be fair this is the first line on LT's review of Khaira:
Fair enough, I like what I've heard of Khaira's family background and his work ethic because of his upbringing, but I need to see him for myself before saying anything one way or another. Living in the states I get to see more NCAA games than our Canadian fans but a LOT less CHL games.

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