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Originally Posted by Barney Gumble View Post
It's not isolated to sports teams. I read something about one of the Harry Potter movies grossing over a billion dollars but Warner Brothers declaring a "loss" on the books for that particular film at around $100 million. Course, most movie studios would tell you that virtually no movies make money. Jack Nicholson was smart in asking for a "cut" of the *gross receipts* for Batman.
My favourite recent story was Robert Downey Jr when he filmed Iron Man 2. He was a big enough star that he didn't sign on with a "you're stuck for the sequels" clause in his contract for the first film. Subsequently, when it was a huge hit, he requested a share of box office revenue for Iron Man 2 and all subsequent films where he portrays Iron Man. This included, of course, The Avengers, for which he netted a reported 60+ million dollars: a tidy profit indeed, especially in comparison to the reported salaries paid to the other stars.

Movie studios move all of their losses to the films and all of the profits to merchandising and future digital/blue-ray sales. It is a funny parallel the way they try to pretend they're spending hundreds of millions to make a movie they're "sure" will not make anything.

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