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Originally Posted by CasualFan View Post
- Scruggs asked Jamison if he was going to contract with LLCs featuring former Glendale city employees as part of the sublease....
- Further, Scruggs said that she believed that LLCs including former city employees (I interpreted this to mean Beasley and Associates) were in line to receive subleases. This is a fascinating development as it amounts to a thinly veiled acquisition of sublease assignments as kickbacks to the city staff that helped get the deal passed. [/I]
Indeed it is. I didnt actually watch the meeting, live or in rerun, missed that rather important bit about sub-leases, his being questioned by Scruggs on the matter, the clear intimation & suggestion here one of corruption through kickbacks, let alone the fact that Jamison could very easily sub-lease the AM services to Global Spectrum, AEG or whomever on a market-value base-line retainer with performance incentives and pocket about $10M+ from the city annually, using it I suppose to prop up the franchise.

Beyond the basic hockey operations & marketing, never really having to get his hands dirty in dealing with concessionaires and all of the rest of the minutae in actually running the building, let alone marketing it to Concert Promoters, Booking Agents, Consumer & Trade Show Producers & so on, while greasing the hand of NHL BOG A, B or C, along with the cities former Manager who facilitated the agreement in the first place. Man, I love it when a plan comes together. Good job there CF, as absolutely no one in the 800+ posts over 3.5 hours lastnight actually commented on that, shall we say "salient" line of questioning from outgoing Mayor Elaine Scruggs.

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