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11-28-2012, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
Oh we have BlueJays fans in here. Awesome.

My take on the trade, it's an easy win for the Jays.

Reyes has the ability to be a top-5 SS in the MLB. Good/great lead off hitter, can swipe bags and can collect walks/not strike out. Great guy to have on the team.

Buerhle is a good veteran #3. Control pitcher who won't strike out a ton of guys, but won't walk many batters.

Josh Johnson is the biggest piece in the deal. Was an ace a couple of years back, but struggled a little this year. Still was good, but I do think a full season of working out instead of rehabbing all offseason(like he did last offseason), he will be able to gain his FB velocity back and become an ace. This guy is a very good pitcher, and instantly becomes the Jays ace.

Bonifacio is a nice versatile player who will probably play every day. He's underrated and had a bit of good success the season before last.

Buck is Buck. I think we see Arencebia traded.

I honestly think the Jays didn't give up that much. Marisnick is a 5 tool OF prospect, but he has to work on his hit tool. It's a question mark and if he can't figure it out, his worth drops. Still good prospect.

Nicolino and Alvarez are decent pitching prospects but nothing special. Nicolino will probably end up a #3 if all works out, while I think Alvarez is destined for the bullpen.

Hechavarria has a good chance to be like Brendan Ryan. Great fielding SS, adds nothing with his bat. I'm not sure he'll develop his bat at all.

Escobar is what he is. A good starting SS who can help your team in every way. Reyes is an upgrade over him in everyway except fielding.

DeSclafani is probably a bullpen guy is all works out.

None of these guys are sure things nor did the Jays give away their top-3 prospects. This is a win for the Jays.

Their team also becomes super well rounded.

SS Reyes
CF Rasmus
DH Encarnacion
RF Bautista
3B Lawrie
1B Lind(shudder)
LF Bonifacio
2B Itzuris
C JPA/Buck/Wilson/TDA

SP Johnson
SP Morrow
SP Buehrle
SP Romero
SP Happ

Really good and well rounded team there. The only worry is if key players can stay healthy. At worst, I don't see a reason why this roster couldn't challenge for atleast the 2nd WC spot.

AA made a really good deal I think. It has risk(health wise), but overall it should really fast track the Jays' hopes to contend. Great deal.
Ia gree, the only thing that worries me is they got two guys with injury historys. Both Johnson and Reyes when healthy are two of the top players in the Game. Reyes could be absolutley electric here. WE have not had a lead of guy like that in a long long time.

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