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Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
The PCHA regular season standings do not suggest that there was one powerhouse team, they suggest a very competitive league, something you could have looked up in a matter of a few minutes. I understand posting "what if" questions when the information is not easily available, but please at least do some research before making statements like that.
It was a rhetorical question; it was Vancouver in four of the PCHA's seven decided Cup appearances (of course I know the standings/results, lol). You're right, though, I should give more love to Seattle as well, but it's the Millionaires that had Hall of Famers at every position except coach (player/coach Frank Patrick), so... they represent the PCHA's "ultimate" level for me.

Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
I could be underestimating the KHL...I have seen very little of that league. I do not think I am underestimating the AHL at all. The best AHL team would be easily beaten by the worst NHL teams, and if it were best on best they would be destroyed.
I'd like to know what the average among AHLers is in any given year for career NHL games played. Considering the majority of all prospects pass through the AHL on their way to their NHL primes, and considering the experience of the guys that typically fill in rosters around them in the AHL, I have a hard time believing that it would be nearly as lop-sided as you suggest. Probably a bigger divide than the PCHA/NHL one though, I'll concede.

As far as the KHL is concerned, it should be pointed out just how "normal" NHLer production is over there right now, and that it has been decently successful in recent years at supplementing their lineups with players from outside Russia (17 of top 30 scorers and 16 of top 30 goalies are from outside of Russia, and I think Rinne is the only full-time NHLer of the bunch).

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