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11-28-2012, 12:27 PM
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I think Canucks have done a very good job with their late 1st rounders and had initial success with free agent prospects (Tanev, lack, sweatt).

What are the odds though of a non 1st round pick becoming a regular top 9 / top 6 in the NHL if we guess they represent ~40% of the total, 1 in 20?*

Those are long odds - its normal to have a lot of failed prospects and not so easy to sort the talent from the "crap", unless you let the process run its course.

Those odds though do "get worse" by having fewer drafted prospects, not enough contract slots to sign free agent prospects (I noticed quite a few of the best AHL rookies are free agents), exclude entire regions like western Canada, and have too few prospect slots on the AHL affiliate (wolves have 14 vets!)

Necessity is the mother of invention - if Canucks' farm club could only have prospects on its roster, and a certain # had to come from each region (eg. western canada) for example, the team's hand would be forced on many of these issues.

* they seem to be much better for European skaters

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