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Originally Posted by izzy3 View Post
Originally Posted by mgd150 View Post
However the other huge difference I noticed is catching passes, it is much easier with the stiffer stick. Hard passes would just flex the crap out of the lighter stick and the puck would bounce right off. The other difference I've noticed is that shots don't flutter off the end of my blade as much as they did with the intermediate stick (this could be due to the senior stick being a couple of inches longer).
This is the only "problem" I see with a whipper stick than what you're used to. It can teach you soft hands though, so I am not sure this is really a problem. With a whippier stick you really need to catch a pass softly, you can't just put your blade stiff on the ice. Harder passes simply flex the stick back, and the puck slides under the blade.
I used to play with a senior 85 flex shaft cut down about 6 inches, but I was barely 5'7" at 155lbs. When I switched to an inter 65 flex cut down 3 inches, the first pass I tried to receive just trampolined off my stick. In time I adjusted to it though and it's no longer an issue, and my shooting and passing have benefitted all around from the lower flex.

As far as the puck sliding under the blade, just keeping the blade vertical on the ice solves that problem, though sometimes it's not possible to get the stick in the ideal position to receive less-than-perfect passes.

Now I weigh around 140lbs and I just ordered a 55 flex shaft because I never felt like I was getting the full whip to work for me from the 65 flex. If I cut the 55 flex down 3 inches, that should leave me with around 65 flex. I can't wait to try that.

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