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11-28-2012, 01:38 PM
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They've made a few things very obvoius this season -
The towns people are not experienced at defending themselves. This was shown by the terrible shot archer that was bragging about how good she is. They showed Gov and Merle taking the guns to shoot walkers on the other side of the wall. They showed hesitant and inexperienced Woodbury 'soldiers" (Kardjulio and another young kid) learning the ropes (fighting, killing, and making sure 'their kind never turns'). We also saw the Gov take Michonnes weapon - signaling that anyone not on the wall is not armed.

Also, They showed that the unseen person was overwhelmed when he saw Michonne 'took a cigarette break' and sliced up a handful of walkers. This same aspect was shown when Andrea jumped over the wall to finish off a walker.

So Woodbury has more people and more weapons, and it equates to having more people that dont know how to use the weapons.
Not to mention, they showed Rick with an assault rifle on the preview.

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