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Originally Posted by LSCII View Post
Which young players are you talking about not burning service time for? Middlebrooks already showed he belongs. Kalish has spent a lot of time up, and if he's healthy, he showed he can contribute. Lavarnway is looking like he's not really the answer, so what do you really lose there? Ciriaco is 26-27 years old, so it's not like he's a hot prospect. Iglesias is at the make it or break it portion of his career, so again, what are you really losing if you give him a shot and he shows he belongs? Basically, worrying about service time for young guys versus signing retreads and marginal big league talent is laughable to me. Going with stop gap measures to avoid using their youth is exactly why they're in this position to start with.
No they're in this spot because a couple of highly-paid players dramatically underperformed at the same time, they hired a terrible manager and the clubhouse eroded, and they decided to start over. It's not because they avoided using their youth. And nobody thought AGon, Crawford, Lackey and the like were "stopgap" solutions.

Oh, and Kalish hasn't showed anything. (check that...he's shown he's not ready for the majors).

LSCII I admire your position on this and if this were KC, I'd be all in. But you are delusional if you think the Red Sox are going to field a bunch of Kalish-like stiffs and youngsters until some of them develop as the core of the team. They charge too much, and frankly, CAN MAKE too much to overtly throw away a season in the name of a rebuild. They are going to try to do this in stages, plugging in guys who might catch lightning in a bottle all the while fielding a decent team and allowing prospects to play. It's not an all-in strategy, but it's close to a rebuild as we are going to see around here.

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