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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
You're losing any semblance of credibility here with this absurd post. Seguin wasn't good enough to be invited to a world class tournament? THAT is the criteria for being a quality WJC player? Pathetic. It's ridiculous criteria given that even the most dominant junior players very rarely ever play in senior tournaments. Even then, Seguin would have been invited to the WC for Canada (and for the vast majority of nations) if he hadn't been injured. I believe it was a wrist injury, but I don't remember. Either way, you are completely wrong. Seguin was very likely the best player eligible for the tournament from any nation, given how ridiculously good he was for a 19 year old player in the NHL. I honestly can't believe you posted this.

Your excuse for Skinner is also absurd. Skinner was not good in one game against almost the full Russian national team when he was 18... and thus Skinner at 19 would not have been a difference maker in the WJCs? He had played at a level well above what any U20 player in the world had reached, having had the most successful professional season of anyone and also having actually played, with significant minutes, for a senior national team. Skinner would have dominated, easily.

Couturier, Johansen, Gudbranson and Nugent-Hopkins I will lump together as I don't want to spend the rest of my day dissecting the insanity I've quoted. Johansen was named a tournament all star in the previous year, but I'm sure he would not have made a difference when he was a whole year older, with NHL development. Couturier held his own against Malkin in the 2012 playoffs, and of course once again was far more advanced than the previous year, but I'm sure he would not have made a difference. Gudbranson actually was good for Canada in 2011, and in 2012 he was much improved as any player is when gaining another teenage year. Nugent-Hopkins would not have made a difference because he was cut from the most talented WJC team as a 17 year old? He was extremely good against NHL players, plus he had an extra year of development which is always massive for players this young. He wouldn't have made a difference? That's laughable.

The fact is that Canada was without one of their top defencemen and their 5 best forwards. No other team had to deal with anything close to that. I honestly hope that you are being facetious, otherwise nothing you say from this point forward can be taken seriously.

Finally, would you mind actually doing as I requested and posting the list of missing players from Russia? I would love to compare them
Aside from a few guys like Kovalchuk and Radulov who have played in the NHL, the rest are guys that play in the KHL that you don't know, have never seen play, and have no basis to "compare" anyway. How can you do a comparison when your only parameter is experience in the NHL? Bottom line is that nobody would conclude that if Canada had Gudbranson or Seguin that they would have gotten past the Quarterfinals last year.

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