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11-28-2012, 01:01 PM
A storm is coming...
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Originally Posted by Guerzy View Post
Perhaps reading between the lines here, but given the Jets are opposed to carrying on this lockout to a lengthy extent, does it appear obvious to anyone that the Jets organization view this fiasco as there is a deal to be made now given the context of what is currently being debated between Owners/Players? I think so.

For those who say (and I am not taking sides here, just using it as a point of discussion) "Keep on going as long as you need to [owners], TNSE will be better for it". Will they? maybe so, but if they're opposed to carrying on too much longer with this lockout, they must be content with where they believe a deal will fall given what the 2-sides are bickering over today, I would think, going by those quotes above.

I wonder how many owners feel this way? I would guess many. It seems ludicrous that Bettman only needs what? 8 owners to side with him in order to pass or decline something, when there is a 30 team/owner pool here.

If a majority of the owners feel the same way as this article is saying the Jets organization feels, surely at some point here they would demand a deal be made. But, can majority rule over guys like Jacobs and co.? You would think so, but who knows.
I think there's a deal to be made but until the NHLPA actually brings a realistic, no poison pill, offer to the table, what is the league supposed to do?

Ultimately it's Fehr playing the end game here. He has no truck in this at all. I honestly don't believe the man gives one damn about hockey, NHL or otherwise. So he actually does have leverage though not as much as I think he thinks he does.

If the NHLPA and by association Fehr actually came to the table with a fully linked proposal I'm of the opinion that the NHL would give up quite a bit. I'm sure the stepdown from 57-50 would be relatively gradual, I'm sure there would be a make whole offer that held appeal for the players and I'm sure the league would yield on some contracting issues and revenue sharing. The deal is there. What I'm not confident in is that the NHLPA/Fehr have any intent of offering up a fully linked proposal.

On the owners side I'm quite comfortable with the notion that there are three groups of owners: 1. the owners that are bleeding money and cannot survive without some dramatic steps borne on the backs of the players 2. groups that are making money hand over fist and are unhappy but will go either way 3. the moderates, like the Jets who are in the borderline group and need to maintain momentum and see the lockout as being as damaging as it may be helpful.

I am one of those guys that has said I'm on the owners side if it helps the Jets long term survival. But maybe with a Jets representative speaking up they are feeling an impact now they believe to be serious. That causes me concern because ultimately what I want is TNSE to be successful because that is all that will affect the future of the Jets in Winnipeg. Whatever those conditions are is what I'm supportive of. If that happens to be yielding NOW to some player issues, so be it to get a deal done.

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