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Originally Posted by Buffalo87 View Post
Holy crap. You really like Fucale. Any particular reason? A goalie has to be a sure fire star (which almost no goalies are in junior) for me to put him in my top 10.
Well, if you look at the first eight players on the list, I think they're all likely to be top line forwards or defenseman.
My next best player, Curtis Lazar, is not as likely to be a top line forward.
I thought about putting Nurse at nine instead and bumping Fucale down to ten, but I'm not completely sold on him yet.
He looks like a completely different player this season and I'm not going to buy into him that much just yet.

I also see Fucale a bunch, having seen a good chunk of his games from last season and every game this season, so perhaps I'm just a homer.
However, others seem to agree that he's the top goalie prospect to come along in the past few years, perhaps since Carey Price, who he's similar to in many ways.
I don't usually like ranking goalies that high either, but if anyone is deserving of it, it's a guy who was an absolute workhorse, starting 70+ games straight as a 16 year old and winning numerous games for his team that they had no business winning.

Even though you can look at the Moose now and say that they have three top prospects in Drouin, Fucale, and MacKinnon, they still should not have went as far as they did.
The team was still fairly poor and was carried by those three 16 year olds, which is a rarity and why I think all three of them are special players.
I went with my gut on Drouin before anyone gave him respect (had him seventh in my pre-season rankings and I even remember telling you on Twitter early on that it's plausible he outscores MacKinnon this season and that he may have more pure offensive upside).
I'm surprised that everyone else picked up on him this quickly, but I'll stick with my gut on Fucale too.

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