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11-28-2012, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by secord92 View Post
I would think Rick's group has expierence......If the govenor has that woman teaching people how to shot walkers, then I think you can say that Ricks group is better suited. Plus how many people attacked the Nat. Guard? 4 or 5? 2 of them are dead now for sure. The rest of Rick's group might not be battle tested in a fire fight but I would say overall they are more so then the Govenor's group. Plus Rick's group will have the element of suprise.
Rick's group. You mean Daryl. He's the only one that can hold his own. Glenn hasn't been able to. Maggie? Carol? Carl? LOL Herschel on one leg? If you had to place bets on both sides in a stand up fight, who are you going with?

Now we know who will be the victor because this is not real life. It has to come down to wild cards in the equation. Merle, his relationship with Daryl. Andrea, her relationship with the governor.

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