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11-28-2012, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Ronnie Bass View Post
Contamination is always a possibility when it comes to collecting DNA, don't mean its the case here. Especially since its thought Ketchum samples are from different sources and location, as many as three.

But the one thing that does make me apprehensive is Ketchum herself, I'm afraid she is going to not let the evidence present itself but rather try to mold it into something she thinks it represents. A lot still can go wrong with her paper. We shall see though.

It's possible in the cases, to be honest as any point where a human handles the sample or where humans leave samples can contaminate the lot.

If they have a sample that was properly collected and isolated, then can isolate the cells further, they can be certain that they're removing the mitochondria from a unique sample. That's why her data and methodology are so important. (They could also control by comparing the mDNA of the technician running the sequencing against the sample mDNA.)

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