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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
First, if it's non-contact beer league hockey, you probably shouldn't be throwing hits anyways.
This was my first question. I can't imagine anyone 'taking out' a woman in our beer league simply because it's a no-checking league. I've seen men check each other (usually as the final result of some sort of perceived slights or bad play throughout the game) and they get penalties for checking in a non-checking league. There is really nothing to be gained by it, other than perhaps being able to feel that you "showed him" something. But if a man did that to a woman in the league? I would think that not only would you get the penalty (and possible suspension, if it's bad enough), you'd also get the other team riled up.

I'm the only woman on my team and I think there are only maybe 4-5 women in the entire league, across 10 teams. While there are plenty of jerks on the ice, I haven't run into anyone yet who has done anything even close to checking me - I've never felt even remotely worried about it.

I don't expect anyone to hold back and play down just because I'm a woman. But I DO expect them to not check me - not because I'm a woman, but because it's a non-checking league for everyone!

Are there really low-level beer leagues that allow for checking? I play at several different rinks and have never seen that ANY of them allow checking in beer league, especially low level.

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