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Originally Posted by HawksFan74 View Post
Rick is the only member of the group with any experience in a fire fight. Daryl obviously is an experienced hunter. We have seen Glenn freeze up in multiple instances against others with weapons. The rest of the group is very green.

We have not followed the governor's group for the last year. We saw them take out the National Guard rather easily. Doesn't seem like this was their first time. They have military weapons and vehicles. Rick's group stands no chance in a straight up fight. They don't have the numbers, weapons or experience.
While I agree with you that "Woodbury bandits" are competent gang, Rick's little task group isn't bad. They are going in during night so if they can get past the wall without making an alarm, they could go far. Michonne knows the place, she as a very silent weapon and she has skills to sneak around people like what she did against Merle's little search party. Also Michonne has no problems killing people when it's necessary. Daryl has a very good weapon as well because it doesn't make a much sound and can kill from a distance, plus he doesn't seem to have a problem shooting at people (how many times has he had his crossbow pointing at someone's head in the prison, and he shot at that one guy in season one when Glenn was taken). Rick definitely hasn't got problems at killing people anymore and he can use his knife when he wants. Oscar's skills are unknown, atleast he's carrying a big gun so maybe he can shoot atleast.

Other pros that they have is the night time obviously, residents are sleeping and they can hide in the darkness. Rick and Daryl work well together and Oscar seems to be cooperative too while Michonne is in dept because they saved her. Although I think it's a bit weird that Rick trusted Michonne so easily, she could very well lure them into a trap. Anyhow, sometimes this kind of a little group is better than a large force which is hard to hide and makes too much noice. Also, Andrea's and Merle's role in a fight could go Rick's way in some cases. They brought some tear gas from the prison with them so that could really come in handy.

Glenn does freeze time to time and he nor Maggie hasn't killed a person before. I expect that Glenn gets his first kill in next episode when in last episode has was ready to go against the men holding Maggie with a stick.

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