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11-28-2012, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Cin View Post
Not giving up on hockey, but the NHL is ****ed. There's absolutely no way the league will ever recover from this lockout. There's just no way.

I really enjoy watching WHL and OHL hockey. AHL hockey is... Emotionless? It certainly doesn't seem like any of the players in that league actually give a **** about their team. Only personal gain, which is fair because they're competing for a big boy spot. Just don't enjoy it anymore.

Bettman is absolutely wrecking this sport beyond recognition. Hockey used to be about playing hard-nosed, quick witted play. The 'clutch and grab era' was the greatest era of this sport bar none. That's hockey. These new rule changes where goalies can't play the puck, more open ice (causing concussions) and the equipment changes have ruined the sport I used to play. 12 year contracts? Wtf? Trade deadline day is an absolute joke now. All of the jerseys across the league look the same. Food quality in ALL of the arenas has reached absolute ****, thanks to corporate contracts.

The leagues TV situation? ****ing pathetic. We used to be able to watch all of the teams across ESPN. Now NBC shows the original six and... The original six.

Teams that shouldn't even be surviving and tanking the league are still up and kicking. ( Dallas will be another PHX if this **** keeps up)

The NHL is dead. It will never return. The joke that comes from this lockout will be a horrible product, and will push people from the sport even more than they already have been.

**** you Gary Bettman. **** you.
This is the sadest part to me in the long run. Dallas is obviously a team that has or had a lot to be excited about. We're finally young and not stale, we've spent money on some really solid players in UFA and there is a lot to be excited about. You could sense the anticipation in us hardcores and it's a shame that the interest that could have been there will more than likely not be now. Or at least the interest level will take a significant hit in the local market relative what we'll see for the teams north of the border. Add to it some crappy uni's and this could all get really ugly for Dallas.

On another note, anyone who likes hockey by default hates Buttman. But, as far as the game, IMO it's improved greatly (speed, athletes, parity) and that's why I think the NHL as a brand will still grow on the other side of this debaucle of a season.

But as for concussions and injuries, no one likes to see them but its part of today's game and I feel like the players deserve a little bit of head trauma for not signing already. No not really, but given the average length of a players career, there has to be a rift in the PA and I was thrilled to hear Neuvirth's comments last week. Egotistical multimillionaire owners and egotistical multimillionaire superstars is what this is about, which is why my optimism is fading that we'll see hockey this year. Thank **** for junior hockey, but I'm a fool, I will be back as soon as the NHL is.

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