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11-28-2012, 03:35 PM
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Originally Posted by MJG View Post
So I'm a Canadian and I vastly prefer the American game. When I younger I was more exposed to the CFL, but as I grew up I started to gravitate more toward the NFL and College football. I don't want to rag on the CFL and their fans but American game is a much more entertaining game to watch. I find that many of the CFL rules are in place in order to compensate for a lack of talent. They give the offense so many advantages to increase the scoring. One foot in bounds makes it easier to catch, wider field gives them more room, deeper end zones make scoring easier, unlimited motion creates more separation and the distance on the line of scrimmage makes it easier to create running gaps. The CFL fans always say that it's more exciting and offensive but I always feel that it's forced. The defenses aren't even given a chance. I get much more enjoyment out of watching NFL offenses succeed because it takes more creativity, they need to execute better and there is zero room for error.
I understand what you are saying for all your points, and while I disagree that is a bad thing, I think one aspect of the 1 yard gap is that it puts more pressure on the QB. With the 1 yard gap it is harder for the o-line to stop the d-line. This added pressure can lead to two exciting plays, QB runs and sacks.

Also, the goalposts on the goalline negate the boost the offence gets when considering scoring TDs.

Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
Strongly disagree. The purpose isn't to just kick it long, it's to pin them deep. Punters in the NFL actually need to aim to try to get it to go out of bounds or get it to roll and pin them near the line. You fail to do that, they get to start at the 20. It's more involved than in Canada where the punters are trying for power and distance and only that.

The 1 Canadian rule I love is that anyone can kick the ball forward and anyone behind them on the kick can recover it. I was some high school play on Deadspin last week where that rule happened and it was incredible.
Punters in the CFL aim too, because unless it is the last 10 seconds or so of a half they feel that the field position is worth giving up a point. But still why should a punting team be penalized for a deep punt? Also think of it this way. Why should kick returning just be about getting the ball and kneeling? In the CFL they are more involved since they have something to give up they are ore likely to take a risk.

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