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11-28-2012, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Jerkini View Post
richest team in the nhl, complete refusal to open the coffers to attract the best talent in the world.
Rangers fan here. I'm not proposing that the NHL gets rid of the salary cap completely, but there should be a luxury tax. It's unfair to us (fans of the richer teams) that we spend more money to see a game than other teams, yet we don't get anything in return.

It's even more unfair to the Canadian teams that taxes are much higher there than in the US, yet the salary cap is the same.

According to Forbes, the Rangers' revenue per fan was $31 and the Leafs' was $35. Want to know what Washington's (just a random team I thought of, so nothing against them) was? $17. We should have to spend an equal amount of money on players as them?

Fans of these teams say, "Oh, it's unfair that the Leafs and Rangers could buy talent." How's it unfair? THE FANS are buying the talent. If these fans drive up the ticket market for their team, the prices would increase, and they would be able to spend as much as us. They complain about what's unfair, but no one shows up to their games. What money do they expect to be used to sign free agents?

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