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Originally Posted by SH15 View Post
Best-On-Best Winners since '76 Canada Cup

1976 - Canada
1981 - Soviet Union
1984 - Canada
1987 - Canada
1991 - Canada
1996 - USA

1998 - Czech Rep
2002 - Canada
2004 - Canada
2006 - Sweden
2010 - Canada

Ok then, let's remove all Canada Cups. Now Russia has ZERO titles in best on best tournaments. LOL. Is that better for your argument? Let's try this...

Last 10 years

Canada - 2 Olympic Gold, 5 WJC
Russia - 0 Olympic Gold, 2 WJC

What exactly IS the argument to state that Russia is currently the top hockey nation? I'm just not seeing it. What is supposed to impress the hockey world? I'm shocked Russia hasn't ever won a best on best tournament to be honest, but the facts speak for themselves.

A country that has NEVER won a best on best can't possibly be considered the top hockey nation. 2014 is their chance at home to change that. Just a bit of pressure on them...
What do results of 10 years ago have to do with anything? They don't relate to the current hockey world, nor relate to the topic of this thread - i.e. who is currently #1.

Anyhow, I think there is a difference between best hockey nation and best national team. Canada will always be the #1 hockey nation.....but that doesn't ensure they always have the best national teams at all times.

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