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11-28-2012, 04:13 PM
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Typical attack on people having a different opinion. "Casual fans" buying "media propaganda". I grow weary of you questioning my intelligence, cut it out.

I am the first to admit Lawless is a talentless hack. Unless he is completely making up facts (which I could believe), but you clearly support the important facts (salary + his demands).

Walters has the CIS contacts, but the guy who been working with ALL the CIS teams closely for years and years doesn't? That doesn't make sense. Neither does Walter having ANY kind of advantage in terms of American programs, this is a guy who has never needed to even LOOK at the american programs. How does that work as a positive for him? At very least Forde is well versed in them, even if his track record in the NCAA is not great to date. Not too mention I don't believe it to be all that bad like you said, it's easy to make mistakes when we are talking about the ENTIRE draft class...

Control on the CFL draft? I'd give it to him, Mack has been a mess. You will clearly disagree, but Mack has made a point of differing completely from what is expected to go out on his own, and he does not have ANY proven results from this "I'm the smartest guy in the room" mentality. No results at all. For me it's typical of a GM who refuses to have anybody to question his authority. He is over the top and refuses to listen to anybody, AFAIC. He wanted final say, not the ONLY say. If Mack goes out and tells him we really need a top end O-Line prospect for example, is Forde going to refuse and draft a WR anyways? I doubt it. Stupid, you can surrender that power and still WORK with the guy.

Salary...cutting corners and counting dimes. Again. As always. How much are they realistically saving in terms of salary? 50-70K? C'mon, it's pocket change. For a key position to help develop the squad, you get one of the most well connected guys in the CIS community.

Honestly, there's nothing particularly wrong with the Walters hire, obviously his repertoire as a ST coach has no effect on it. But when you have the chance to add a talented and very highly thought of young exec in a support capacity to bolster your staff, you do it. In case you forgot, they already HAD Walters. If he was that good, you move him to the head scouting position to help Forde, and WOW NOW YOU HAVE BOTH these apparently great young execs.

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